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1)If you cannot read the above header in Thai, this means that you do not have any Thai font installed. Please visit How-to-read-Thai guide at Internet Thailand for more details.

2)If you can read the above header in Thai but cannot read our main pages, this means that you have different version of "MS Sans Serif" font installed. In order to read this web site in Thai, you have to install "MS Sans Serif" Thai version. This font file will work on Windows 95 and Windows 98 only.

3) Notwithstanding #2, you could temporarily remove your "MS Sans Serif" from your font folders, in order to view this web site in Thai.

All contents in this web site are intended for private use and educational purpose only. Our main objectives are to promote SamGler to cyberspace sufers and to memorize Por Intalapalit, one of the greatest writers in Thai fiction history.