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ǡѺس.ԹûԵ ҡʹҡѺ˭Ѻ ͧӹѡ ˭ҹ͡ҹ СѺس. ػҧҧѧ

. س.ԹûԵѡ¹ش˹ ôѡ¹ؤ ҹءѹ ԡԹ¹ǧ˹ء ҨкѴ˹˹ѧáԨ ҧѺҴ˹ѧѨغѹ ѡ¹Ҫվöҧҹ ҡ¹˹ѧ§ҧ س.Ե ҹ㨡Ѻкͺ¹ ͧ˭س. ҹҹѺس. ׹ѹس.

.ԹûԵҹͺҾ¹ҡ ҹͺ ӹѡ ҹѺմѹ ӹǹ ͹ç٧ҡҾ¹ ˹ѧ ҧ ˹ѧԷʵ ˹ѧ ҹѺǴԹ ѧҡѺçѹ ˹ѧ "" 蹵ҧѧѴҳԺҹ ҧҴѹҧѧѴاءѹ ҧѹ֧ Ѻ ˹ѧ س ѡ˹ѧͺ֡ҳ§׹

.ԹûԵ ҹҾҨ ˭ʹ͡ س. ͹ѡ¹ҧ ͺ ͺ˹ѧӹǹҡ Թ س.Ҿɷ

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Ѻþس.ԹûԵҧ٧ ҹҧ ҡҹѺ ҡ س ҹ ҡǺԴª

KRIT (00330)

4 ѹ¹ 2541

All contents in this web site are intended for private use and educational purpose only. Our main objectives are to promote SamGler to cyberspace sufers and to memorize Por Intalapalit, one of the greatest writers in Thai fiction history.